Guest Blog

7 simple things you should check to maximise your Social Media Marketing results

Jan Kiermasz

Jan Kiermasz is an experienced Digital Marketing Trainer and Consultant with over 18 years running a small business of her own. She specialises in helping small business owners with a passion for growth to understand the digital world and its potential. Renowned for being patient and explaining things in plain English she is popular with her clients on both a professional and personal level. 

This blog is about giving you some basic pointers, ensuring you have the foundations in place for effective Social Media Marketing. Like everything I do it is designed to get you thinking about what you are doing and how you can improve it quickly and easily. Work through the list and make sure that you are maximising your opportunities to get business from the time you spend on any Social Media Platform. It doesn’t matter whether you are currently using just one Social Media platform or all of them, the same basics apply.

Here is a list of 7 simple things you should check right now.

1. Do you have a profile picture of you that reflects your personality?

This should be a professional-looking shot, not necessarily by a professional photographer, that you feel represents you. Avoid photographs that are obviously taken at parties, weddings, on the beach or anywhere that doesn’t fit with you as a business owner. Why use a picture of you and not your logo? Because Social Media is just that: ‘Social’. It is a medium you use to build a connection with your customer and start the conversation. It’s easier for people to relate to a human than a logo.

2. Do you have a banner/cover image that represents your business and what you offer?

This is the place for your logo. You can use banners to showcase products or services you offer. Make it work for you.

3. Have you completed your contact details?

May seem obvious but ensure you have your web address, phone number and email address as a minimum in your profile details. Make it easy for interested people to get in touch.

4. Do you give a clear description of the benefits you bring?

You have the opportunity in your description/bio/about section to showcase the benefits of buying your product or service. Remember it’s about what the customer gets, not what you offer. For example, if you sell Blue Giraffes then you may want to include why Blue Giraffes make great pets and why buying through you gives them peace of mind that their new pet will be everything you promised.

5. Are you being yourself?

This may sound like an odd question for the checklist but some people feel the need to ‘act professional’ in their Social Media. Don’t try to be somebody you aren’t. You are building relationships and you will only attract the right people if you are being you!

6. Are you being consistent?

It’s no good saying Social Media isn’t working for you if you only post on the odd occasion you remember. You need to have a strategy, post regularly and post ‘on brand’.

7. Are you interacting or just posting?

You need to be part of the conversation. Comment on other peoples posts, reply to comments on your posts. Basically join in, don’t just post and run. So you have read through the list and actioned everything that needed it. If there was anything you didn’t understand please ask. If you want to take this to the next level and understand how to leverage any Social Media platform more effectively then you can book yourself onto a Social Media Essentials workshop. This workshop is designed to cover all the bases. It helps you understand what is possible, practical and best practice saving you time and money and making your Social Media Marketing more effective. The important thing to remember is to take action. Don’t wait for things to be perfect, just do it.

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