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Virtual photo shoot

Kevin Greene

Kevin Greene is a photographer. If you are lucky enough to be in front of his camera at any time – you are about to receive THAT SHOT.

I think it’s fair to say 2020 and the start of 2021 is probably one of the most challenging years, for people in business, this millennium! However, as lockdown is beginning to ease so business can ‘resume service as usual’, business can seriously implement a robust marketing strategy to thrive, survive and grow. This remains at the heart of all people in business. On a positive note lockdown created greater use of innovative services for communicating our message, engaging our audience, generating leads or enquiries and making sales.

As a photographer, with over 15 years experience serving clients with a spectrum of solutions, I too found lockdown a challenge both personally and for business. However, within the aches and pains of lockdown, I’ve found opportunities to develop and extend my offer to current and new clients with an innovative service underpinned by reliable and intuitive technology. I’m talking about…Virtual Photo Shoots. Business owners with access to professional photography services like this is an innovative way of working. Virtual Photo Shoots empower clients, educate and engage their audience more authentically.


How does a virtual photo shoot work?

Following a planning session Photographers, like me, connect to a clients mobile phone camera and settings. This is done remotely with any client in the world, using an innovative pair of apps. Together, with my client, I create a collection of photos, of a consistent quality, that resonates with their business. Their collection of photos are delivered to my client within 2 hours of their virtual photo shoot. Clients are delighted to know they have at their fingertips a collection of photos for their online presence.

What is the benefit of a virtual photo shoot?

A virtual photo shoot to a business is a cost effective & time efficient opportunity to solve that recurring problem of having to find good images. Photos of them doing what they do best or to promote their products or services. This use of technology and the value to my clients is something that excites me! Clients access to the virtual photo shoot and professional photography services mean it is far more possible for them to:

      • Be more visible than ever with a consistent quality of photo
      • Be in the minds of clients in a more authentic way
      • Be able to tell the story of how they tick, what excites them in their business, promote their services or products and be the expert in their field
      • Be that step ahead of competitors
      • Be more likely to engage with clients better & develop a relationship

The photo shoots is an innovative solution that enables me to engage with my clients as if I was with them in my studio or outdoor location, from anywhere in the world! As one client living thousands of miles from me in the UK told me, it was like I was there in their garden! Another client commented that they usually felt inhibited looking directly at a camera for a headshot. He was delighted with his experience in not having to do this as instead he just needed to look straight into his own mobile phone camera lens! I always find that any photo shoot is a natural conversational, relaxed and fun experience A virtual photo shoot is no different. When planned with my client the experience results in a collection of photos that authentically capture the expert they are for immediate or scheduled use on social media or website.

Interested in more information about how a virtual photo shoot can help boost your online presence with ease?  Get in touch or better still click here for a chance to WIN a 1 hour virtual photo shoot!



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