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Case Studies

Who is the client? Trina Gabel – Window Blind Spares


What service did she want?

Trina was despairing with her old provider as any issue on the website or with her email would take two weeks to a month to deal with. After meeting Sam at a networking event, Trina gradually came to rely on his friendly advice. Following some particularly useful tips, she moved everything over to Sam, deciding that she wanted a website that was just as reliable as his advice, and customer service that was just as useful.


What did we do?

We moved Trina’s website and email over to us. Trina went from having a response time of around two weeks to a month to a response time of within a few hours.  Since then, we have been running everything and checking in with Trina regularly to see if everything is doing well. She drops me a WhatsApp if she has a problem, and most of the time she gets a response immediately


How did it help her?

Trina is now able to focus on her business and the customers knowing that the website side of the company is in safe hands. She has a web developer she can rely on and advice that she knows is worthwhile, and it all comes as she needs it.


What did she say?

“Over the years Sam gave me some great off the cuff advice. So eventually I moved everything over to Sam and he came up with a fantastic new, up-to-date version of the website, and now I feel it’s somewhere that’s much more secure. It’s running absolutely brilliant, and I’ve had no issues with it whatsoever.”


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