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Case Studies

Simon Robertson

Who is the client?

Clare Downham – Queen of Calm


What service did they want?

Website Hosting and Maintenance


What did we do

We took over Clare’s website from Siteground, where she was being charged a lot of money for a very basic service. As well as cutting her hosting and website costs, we provided a more complete maintenance and support service, offering advice and help to Clare on improving the way her site functioned.


How did it help them?

Clare saved a lot of money on running her siteand found that it also loaded more quickly and ran more smoothly than it had before.

Quick loading means fewer people leaving your page straight away and more people stopping to read, as well as better listings on Google.


What did they say?

“I was really grateful that I had the insight to reach out to Sam, because the whole thing was handled really smoothly from beginning to end. Sam made it really clear exactly what I needed to do. His hosting was a bargain in comparison to Siteground.

“Thank you Sam and your team for making my site work better again. I’ve already recommended Sam to a couple of people, because I’m so over the moon with the service I’ve received. I highly recommend working with Sam. Him and his team make everything easy and seamless from the start.”

How can I learn more?

Call me to find out more about how we can support you with your website and how you can start today.

Book a call to end your website hosting and maintenance worries

Clare got a much better service at a lower cost for her website hosting and maintenance. Book a call to see how that could work for you.