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Case Studies

Simon Robertson

Who is the client?

Antarina Hypnotherapy & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


What service did they want?

Website redesign to boost bookings


What did we do

 We began by talking to owner Arina to find out what her business goals were, who her clients were and how she helped them. We found that she wanted to increase her bookings and land new clients.

A particular focus of course was on making her website work for these business goals and look as she wanted it to look. When someone visited Arina’s website, were they likely to want to do something like click a button or fill a form? Was that button or form likely to help Arina serve her clients better and achieve her goals? Our job was to turn the answers to both these questions from no to yes. 


How did it help them?

 We turned around the website by first asking Arina what she most often helped clients with. Which were the most common problems she encountered? These were insomnia, stress and smoking. We then built pages focusing on these things – Pages that appear high up in Google results and let people know how much Antarina can help with these issues. We then made it really easy for prospective clients to book a free consultation with Arina for any of these things or anything else across the site. 

It’s early days yet, but Arina loves her new site and it is starting to get results for her.

  Visit the site


What did they say?

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to Sam and his team for listening to me  about what I wanted for my website, how I wanted it done and what sort of clients and customers I’m looking to attract. … It turned out better than I ever hoped.

How can I learn more?

If your website isn’t generating valuable bookings or sales for your business, call me. I know how to turn websites from passive sticks in the sand to active business generators, like we did for Arina.

Create bookings for your business with an active website from Sam Hollis.

Arina turned her site into a bookings generator that she loves. You can do the same by booking a call below.