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Case Studies

Simon Robertson

Who is the client? Xerxes and Kashmira Ginwalla – Homeopath and Holistic Therapist


What service did he want?

Business website design and hosting


What did we do

We designed a good looking website with easy payments, reliable management and straightforward communication. This allowed Xerxes and Kashmira to focus on growing their business while knowing their website was in hand.


How did it help them?

Growing a business isn’t easy. Being able to take something as central as your website off your mind is a huge benefit, allowing you to focus on what you do best and to concerntrate on developing your business more quickly.

Xerxes and Kashmira can continue to build their business safe in the knowledge they have a website that generates leads for them, with a host and developer who can be relied on for maintenance every day. If they want to make a change, they can chat to me and get it done easily. This leaves them free to plan the finer points of their business.


What did they say?

Kashmira: “The most important thing is approachability and communication when you are dealing with somebody managing your website … How comfortable do I feel messaging and talking to the person? Those are the really big ones for me and Sam does very well.”


Xerxes: “The most important thing for me is the technical stuff. The website has to look good and has to be at the right price. [Sam’s] ingenious method of renting the website is just fantastic. [I made the decision] a good few years back and we’ve never looked back.

“Anyone out there wanting a website, look no further. I’ve done the research for you. Just go for it. All the best.”


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